Company profile

The brokerage house was established in 1948 by Late Mohammad Ali Maniar who was amongst the founding members of the KSE and a close associate of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan). He remained the Vice President of the exchange for 19 years until his retirement from business in 1966. Mr. Mohammad Swaleh Maniar joined the business and became a member in 1951. He was actively running the affairs of the brokerage house until his demise in 1982. Mr. Mohammad Saad Maniar took the reigns of the brokerage house in November 1982 nine months after the demise of his father and taking voluntary retirement from the Pakistan Air Force. Since then, he has been actively involved in business affairs of the brokerage house as well as the Karachi Stock Exchange. Mr. Mohammad Saad Maniar has been member of the Board of Directress of the Exchange a number of times since 1986 and held various portfolios including being the Chairman of Computer Committee, Chairman of the Modernization Committee, Rules and Regulation Committee, New Products Committee and the Treasurer of the Karachi Stock Exchange. He also has the honor of being the first Chief Executive Officer of the Central Depository Company of Pakistan.

Our Vision

To enhance the capability of our clients by providing them with superior informational and technical support

Our Mission

To provide individual and institutional clients with broad variety of equity market related services.


Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mohammad Saad Maniar is the Chairman and Chief Executive of the company. He graduated in Aero Sciences from PAF Academy Risalpur in 1980 in the 69th GD (P) batch. He took retirement from the PAF in 1982. He became a member of the Karachi Stock Exchange in November 1982. Mr. Mohammad Saad Maniar has an elaborate experience and exposure of the financial markets. He has attended various seminars on the securities markets both domestically and internationally. He has attended Seminar’s on International Corporate Finance and Securities and Settlement Systems at the New York Institute of Finance. He has also visited various Stock Exchanges and Depositories e.g. NYSC, Depository Trust Company, Stock Exchange & Depositories of Portugal, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Switzerland, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. He has also been involved in the formation of KSE 100 Index and various other development projects of KSE.


Director / Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Maniar is a Finance Graduate he did his BS in Finance from the Golden Gate University in 1993 with emphasis in Risk Management. He joined the business in 1993 and has been actively involved in managing the running of the house activity. He has attended many workshops on financial issues & management, including the ones organized by USAID and others. He is looking after the financial research, corporate compliance, operations of the house and risk management. Mr. Sadiq Maniar is also a director in the company. He has 20-years of experience in managing High Net-Worth portfolios of individual Client and Institutional Clients.



Chartered Accountants



Chartered Accountants

Address: 807, 8th Floor, Q.M House, Plot # 11/2,
Ellander Road, Opp. Shaheen Complex, Off. I.I.Chundigarh Road, Karachi.



Address: Suite 602-B, Business Finance Center, Karachi.

Head Office:

Office # 603, 6th Floor, Business Plaza, Mumtaz Hasan Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Office #: 021-32461510-15

Fax #: 021-32461509

Branch Office:

Office # 45, 1st Floor, Pakistan Stock Exchange, Karachi, Pakistan.

Office #: 021-32427414-17

Contact Person:

Mr. Manzar Alam (Trading)

Mr. Aamir Qazi (Trading)

Mr. Faheem (Trading)

Mr. Noman (Trading)


0300-8291001, 021-32461508

0300-8291677, 021-32464960

0332-3988145, 021-32411656-7

The house has been providing Brokerage and Portfolio Management Services to a number of individuals and financial institutions since 1982. Out of which some our Clients are listed below:

  • National Investment Trust
  • P.I.C.I.C.
  • Privatization Commission of Pakistan
  • State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Premier Fund
  • National Refinery Ltd.
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Arif Habib Capital Market Fund
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Habib Bank Ltd.
  • Pak Brunei Investment Company Ltd.
  • Pak Iran Joint Investment Company Ltd.
  • JS Investment Ltd.
  • Pak Oman Asset Management Company
  • Employees Old Age Benefit Institution
The house participates about 1.5% to 2% of the total market in terms of daily share volume. Presently, there are two retail branches of the house in Karachi. In addition to these, there are plans to increase the branch network in Karachi and to establish presence in Islamabad and Peshawar. The house has recently setup a Research and Analysis department which is headed by Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Maniar, has an experience of over two decades in the field. The brokerage house is currently undergoing a major restructuring phase. Moreover, there are plans to diversify operations in near future. Some of the noteworthy future plans and developments under process are:

  • Commodity Trading
  • Money Market Operations
  • Net-based Equity Trading
  • Asset Management
  • Mutual Fund

Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Maniar

Address: MSManiar Financials (Pvt) Ltd. Head Office,
Office # 603, Business Plaza, 6th Floor,
Mumtaz Hassan Road, Karachi.
Office : 021-32461510-15
Fax: 021-32461509

Mr.Aamir Qazi

Address: MSManiar Financials (Pvt) Ltd. Head Office,
Office # 603, Business Plaza, 6th Floor,
Mumtaz Hassan Road, Karachi.
Office : 021-32461510-15
Fax : 021-32461509